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Celebrating Ten Years Online!

The LuvMyRecipe.com website and our wonderful team here at LMR will be celebrating TEN years online this year in 2022!

That’s right ! Ten years of being on the world wide web and sharing recipes.

We’re ecstatic! We are absolutely thrilled to be still receiving visitors and users after 10 years.

Thank you ALL for visiting, contributing, sharing, and creating for ten years!

To our staff.. Truly an accomplishment to be proud of. Bravo!


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Hello, My name is Carol. Let me tell you a little about how LuvMyRecipe.com went from idea to reality.  Myself… I’ve developed a sort of “trial and error” approach to whatever recipe I was trying to make or create. This would continue sometimes for years. It would continue that is until I got my version of the recipe perfected. Tweaking here.. adding there.. and then I would arrive at a final version that I absolutely LUV’d only to then want to share my recipe with others. These recipes would end up here on my website to share with my friends and family.

I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great if  everyone could share their recipes that they’ve perfected. Recipes that they themselves have tweaked to perfection. Recipes that THEY absolutely LUV’d too. A place where people could create their own little corner of the internet and then create their own online social group for people that were interested in the same cooking style, recipes, or cuisine they were interested in. LuvMyRecipe.com was born!

I had some friends that believed as I did.

This web project started with a couple of friends who wanted to share their recipes with one another. It was that simple. There didn’t seem to be a good place online where a person could build their own little culinary hole in the web and then share their culinary creations with friends and family. Not without setting up a blog. Someone could take pictures of their food and post online to their favorite social media site. However, that’s not exactly what we were looking for.

There’s a place for blogs, Instagram, and Facebook to be sure, but we were looking for a place online where people’s personalities and cooking styles would shine through in their recipes.. together as a community. A place where someone could connect friends and family to their “Culinary Home Page” using their preferred social media outlet (whatever outlet that happens to be). Equally important, we wanted all this for our community but needed it all to remain behind the scenes and prevent it all from getting too heavy in tech for the casual web visitor. Essentially we wanted user friendliness for all these features that really nobody online was (or is) providing well. A community where each member felt the same as the other does.. included. After all, who doesn’t like tweaking and sharing a recipe with others?

Auntie Bea’s Biscuits

For instance, let’s talk about Auntie Bea’s Biscuits. We’ll stipulate that there are plenty of websites where you can get a recipe to make biscuits. We’ll even agree there are message boards that will give you advice and give you their secret ingredient to make your biscuits really kickin’ instead of limpin’.

However, anyone who knows biscuits knows that Auntie Bea’s biscuits aren’t any “old run of the mill”, “same ole same ole”, “common cloned” biscuit recipe from the side of a box. Maybe it started out that way, but Auntie Bea tweaks, tests, and has honed that recipe to perfection over the years. What is Bea’s secret ingredient? What’s her process that makes them fluffier than the dense hockey puck recipes you get off the side of some flour package (or the internet)?

To further that thought a second; why isn’t there a place where Auntie Bea can share that recipe or cooking secret with her friends and family (or anyone else for that matter). Maybe there are people who want to know how to make fluffier biscuits.

What about a place for Favorite Recipes?

Why can’t Auntie Bea build her own little corner of the internet or have an online “Recipe Box”? One that displays in her online profile and shows her own personality and cooking style. All her favorite recipes in one place to print or bring up on her tablet whenever she wants. Auntie Bea’s own personal hub where she can link her favorite recipes, link her favorite chefs, and of course her favorite food websites from around the world. A place where she can share other food profile accounts that she may have on elsewhere online.

Join us in our journey.

We feel we’re on the path towards that scenario here at LuvMyRecipe.com. We are a growing community… if you’d like to become part of our community.. where you too can share recipes from around the world. We welcome you here to our online community.  Register here and begin to create your own little “cooking corner” on the internet right here at LuvMyRecipe.com !

Check out the LuvMyRecipe Blog for progress forward and update information regarding the LuvMyRecipe website.

Carol and the LuvMyRecipe Project Team.