Create a User Account at LuvMyRecipe – FAQ

Create a User Account at LuvMyRecipe – FAQ

How do I create a user account at LuvMyRecipe?
To create a user account at LuvMyRecipe, you must register with our website.

What is Gravatar… and Do I Need it To Register at LuvMyRecipe?
No, you do not need to have a Gravatar account to create an account at LuvMyRecipe…¬†or to use a profile avatar image here. LuvMyRecipe uses WordPress for the core of our website software. WordPress uses a service called “Gravatar” (Globally Recognized Avatar). Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars. You are not required to have an account at Gravatar to create an account at LuvMyRecipe.

  • If you do not have an account at Gravatar, and you wish to have an avatar for your profile here at LuvMyRecipe, It’s easy. >You create an account at LuvMyRecipe through our registration page > access your profile (instructions listed above) >edit my profile >scroll down to the upload avatar option >and upload your avatar to be saved here at LuvMyRecipe >Done.
  • If you have an account at Gravatar, the email address you register here at LuvMyRecipe will be cross-referenced against the Gravatar service to see if you are using it. If you are using the Gravatar service, the avatar you have associated with the provided email address will be displayed here at LuvMyRecipe for you. If you don’t want your Gravatar account linked to your LuvMyRecipe account, don’t use an email address that is associated with Gravatar.

How do I access my user profile at LuvMyRecipe?

  • From the top navigation menu of every page, clicking on the “Community” button will direct you to the “Login Page” if you’re not logged in. If you are already logged in, the page will show the account you are logged in under. Clicking on the profile listed will direct you to the “My profile” page. Here you can edit, modify, or add to your profile content.
  • OR… Hovering over the community button will produce a pull down menu. Selecting the “My Profile” option will direct you to the “My profile” page. If you are not logged in, this option will not be visible in the menu and instead you will see a “Log In” option and a “Register” option.
  • OR… There may be other navigational options to access your LuvMyRecipe profile throughout our website using menus and various internal links. Look for these options usually precluded with a “Community” navigation button or label.

Thank you for your interest.