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Sweet Cicely

With the whole plant being aromatic, sweet cicely has a musky, attractive aroma with hints of lovage and anise; the flavor has a pleasing sweetness...

Scented Geranium

Scented Geranium has hundreds of varieties, including smelling like apple or citrus fruits, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg or mint, roses or pine. Rose- and lemon-scented plants...

Salad Burnet

Salad burnet has a mild, lightly bitter flavor similar of cucumber with a hint of nuttiness and is not aromatic. The old leaves are best...


Although it may have little aroma, Purslane’s fleshy leaves and stems have a refreshing, lightly zesty, lemony taste and a crunchy, luscious texture.


Sweetly yet strongly aromatic, Green perilla has hints of cinnamon, cumin, citrus, and anise basil, and a pleasant warmth on the palate. Red perilla has...


With a tangy and pungent taste, Parsley has a slightly spicy aroma with hints of lemon and a light peppery note. Flat-leaf parsley has a...


Orach leaves have a mild, spinach-like flavor, but is not aromatic, which contrasts well with more piquant salad herbs.


All elements of the plant are aromatic. Myrtle leaves are slightly adherent with a sweet, orange-blossom note; they taste astringent. The berries are sweet with...


MItsuba has very little aroma but makes up for it with a distinctive and agreeable taste, showing elements of chervil, angelica, and celery, with something...

Miner’s Lettuce

Miner’s lettuce is mild and not aromatic but has a clean, refreshing flavor.